Go home with us.

Helping you buy a home is our passion.

Climb atop Mt. Mortgage, and you’ll find us waiting to dispense wisdom upon the unknowing masses who dare seek our guidance and deep knowledge of all that is home loan financing.

We’re kidding, we’re not like that at all! But we know some others may seem that way. The truth is that getting a home loan is complicated, but the calculations, paperwork and processes shouldn’t be the things on your mind when you buy a home. You have enough to worry about. You also have a lot to be excited about!

Leave the details to us, we’re MortgageNerds, and we LOVE being able to crunch numbers and work through the cumbersome home loan process to get you the mortgage you need to move in.

Seeing the look on our clients faces when they close on their dream homes is what gets us out of bed every morning.

Why finance your home with MortgageNerds?

Because no other mortgage company cares as much as we do about getting you into your home. Next question.

Okay, that sounds a bit cliché, we know. There are, however, plenty of reasons why we’re proud to be able to help you with your mortgage. Here’s why we believe we can do the most to get your home loan financed:

We’re powered by GSF Mortgage

MortgageNerds is powered by GSF Mortgage. The same GSF Mortgage that just celebrated 50 years helping people get the homes they want. The same GSF Mortgage that has a giant trophy case full of awards like:

  • National Mortgage Professional’s Top Mortgage Employers for 2016
  • Fastest Growing Companies by INC. Magazine for 2015
  • Platinum Million Dollar Lender from the United States Department of Agriculture for 2012, 2013, and 2014
  • 5-Star Rated Lender on Zillow
  • A+ Recognition from the United States Better Business Bureau

We could go on! Every single mortgage that we sign is backed by GSF Mortgage, meaning you’re getting access to the lowest mortgage rates and best mortgage programs available, without having to take a number and stand in line at a big downtown bank.

We’re experienced
mortgage lenders

Our team of mortgage lenders is not only passionate about helping you find the right mortgage, we’re trusted.

We have over 77 years of combined experience finding the perfect home loan for our clients. It doesn’t matter who you are or what others have told you, we’ll do everything we can to get you into your new home. We close loans that other lenders can’t – it’s that simple.

We have the best mortgage programs available

We don’t believe that you have to choose between a big, impersonal bank that offers every mortgage available, and a local lender, who doesn’t have access to the best, exclusive mortgage programs.

Our Mortgage Nerds have access to the best mortgage programs around, and the most resourceful minds in the business to creatively solve any challenge you can throw at them.

Some of these mortgage programs include:

USDA Loans

  • No money down
  • Great rates
  • Exclusive to homes in rural areas (can’t beat the view)

VA Home Loans

  • No money down
  • 100% cash out
  • No PMI
  • Exclusive to US Veterans (We love our veterans every day!)

FHA Home Loans

  • Low down payment
  • Low rates
  • Flexible underwriting guidelines
  • Co-signer permitted

WHEDA Home Loans

  • No money down
  • Strict underwriting guidelines
  • No PMI for first time homebuyers Income restrictions

FHA 203K Refinancing Renovation Loan

  • Rehab loan
  • This makes any home financeable

GSF Serve and Protect Benefit

  • Exclusive to firefighters, police officers, EMT, nurses, teachers and others
  • Great rates

GSF 100 Exclusive Home Loan Program

  • Exclusive Program to GSF Mortgage
  • 20-year mortgage with no down payment

Doctor Home Loan

  • 100% financing with great rates

Lightning Home Loans

  • We can close your loan in 15 days

We love being able to tell our clients “yes” when everybody else has told them no! Many of these programs include little to no money down and are available for clients with lower credit scores.

We know your situation is unique

Remember how we said we have access to the same programs the big banks and lenders do? We don’t treat you like you’re just another unit we’ve moved. Our goal is getting you the best program for you.

We know that’s different for everybody, so our process begins with getting to know you and your unique situation. Instead of just throwing popular choices at you, or assuming your situation is the same as the last one, we want to give you a mortgage that is surprisingly customized for you.

Working with MortgageNerds means you get the best of both worlds – a huge well of knowledge, expertise and experience that is personal, relational and knows how unique your home financing situation is.

Our Team of Mortgage Nerds

Like Jedi Knight, friendly neighborhood Spider Man, or USS Enterprise captain, the title of mortgage nerd is one that comes with important distinctions and responsibilities. Here’s our team:

Mike Cox, Pam Gustafson, Brian Hofmann, Scott Bonovich, Jake Knuppel, David Ansorge,
Kelly Xiong

Get to know your
Mortgage Nerds team!

We asked everybody in the office to tell us something random and fun about themselves. Here’s what your mortgage nerds had to say!

It’s the fun facts and unique traits that make life interesting. We believe the exact same goes for your mortgage situation. No two are alike! While you may not be looking for homes in Australia or trying to buy a home with your jaw wired shut, we know that there aren’t blanket one-size-fits all answers for everybody.

It’s why we approach your situation the way we do – seeing you and your mortgage needs as unique and fun! We love to dig in and overcome challenges – you might even say that we’re nerdy about it.

MortgageNerds offers the best programs even when others have said no

Let us find you the right mortgage

If you’re looking for a loan, talk to us. As mortgage nerds, we will do everything possible to get you that perfect loan, based on your unique situation. We won’t talk down to you, or assume you know the dictionary of words specific to the home finance industry. Who has time to memorize an entire dictionary?

Well, we do…but that’s because we’re mortgage nerds!

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